EVENTS 2021h

Yachting Volos: Sea Tourism and Gastronomy 14-17 Octomber 2021 
Saturday 16 Octomber 2021

18:00 Opening from C. Director Mact Media Group Karachristos George

  •  Introduction by Vice-Regional Governor of Magnesia Kolyndrini Dorothea – Development of Marine Tourism in Thessaly
  •  Introduction by Sotiris Giamakos Architectural Engineer – Theme: Connection of commercial port – industrial area of Volos Marina, Pagasitikos – Argonautical Park
  •  PPA intervention
  •  Intervention of the President of the Hotel Owners of Magnesia Zafiris George
  •  President of SITESAP Paris Loutriotis
  •  President H.P.E.E.T.S.TH ”ARGO” President Ptohopoulos Panagiotis

19:30 Gastronomy and the link with tourism – from theory to practice

  • Opening by C. Director Mact Media Group Karachristos George
  •  President of the Chamber of Magnesia Aristotelis Bastanis
  •  Introduction Anastasopoulos Christos Economist MSC Economist and tourism columnist, scientific associate of TEI Kalamata
  •  President of the Agricultural Wine Cooperative of Nea Anchialos “DIMITRA” Ioannis Kitsios
  •  Network of Thessaly Winemakers

And music night Friday 15 or Saturday 16 October.