Joker/Two-Face live

Joker/Two-Face live

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Joker/Two-Face live

From the legendary Bong Da City collective and universal underground acceptance to the traveling, vibrant aesthetic of Joker/Two-Face, there was a lot of water under the bridge for Styl Mo and Tsaki. Unafraid to experiment with their style, both in flows and lyrics, the duo created their own recognizable new school sound, and quickly established themselves on the scene. Recognizable as few, prolific as even fewer, and always inventive at every turn, J2F never cease to amaze with their record consistency, concert energy, and unrivaled freshness! Get ready to enjoy them again on the concert stages all over Greece.

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Identity document (ID card/passport/driver’s license) Certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 (validity starts 14 days after the last dose) OR Certificate of Covid-19 infection issued thirty (30) days after the first positive test and valid until one hundred and eighty (90) days thereafter.

Advance sale: 12€

Fri, 29/4 21:00

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