Tsipouro Tokali


Νέας Αγχιάλου – Μικροθηβών, 37400 / Βόλος

+30 2422051480

+30 6972719768 / 6976326556


Who we are

Since 1990 we started organic farming in our vineyards, applying new cultivation methods such as biological disease control, dense planting, fertilization with organic manure, mechanical destruction of weeds, etc.

We chose organic viticulture for many reasons. First, to protect against the dangerous pesticides of our family members, who are involved in the whole production process. Also, we found that the Vine, with the necessary growing experience and proper scientific knowledge, is easy to grow using organic methods.

Then, our passion for organic viticulture was highly appreciated by consumers, who, in turn, prompted us to attempt the processing of our grapes into wine and tsipouro in order to offer them a product that is safe and qualitatively “different” from the usual conventional products on the market.

Based on these principles we started with and with the same principles we are still walking with today.