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Who we are

The Agricultural Cooperative of Zagora is one of the oldest cooperatives, since it was founded in 1916 by 199 Zagorians. In 1985 the Cooperative enters a new phase of activity as an organized commercial enterprise. The trademark is registered and each authentic Zagorini apple bears the sticker that makes it special. In 1996 the recognition with the label “Protected Designation of Origin” by the European Union comes and Zagorini apples travel all over the world and conquer the international markets 100 years of continuous production and presence in the agricultural sector!

The Agricultural Cooperative of Zagora produces apples of controlled, high quality, guaranteed and with protected designation of origin. This distinction certifies that the Zagorini apple is a product of high standards. With the method of “Integrated Production” the Zagorini apple is clean and healthy, which is why it is trusted in Greece and all over the world.