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Who we are


At the northwestern tip of Macedonia, on the shores of the small lake of Prespa, we produce the famous Prespa pulses and the Organic Prespa pulses. The ideal climate, the fertile soil, the abundant water, the use of natural fertilization (manure), the love and passion for their cultivation are a few of the elements that make them delicious, easy to cook and suitable for returning to a healthy diet.

Just before the village of Limos Prespes, we have created with great care a traditional agricultural warehouse of local products. It is a beautiful place where the visitor of our region can see our legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas), learn about their cultivation, learn about their high nutritional value and buy them at very good prices.

The cultivation of the beans and legumes we produce is difficult, it requires a lot of personal work, knowledge and love so that the products we offer to the consumer are directly from the land of Prespa, with all the nutrients, pure, unadulterated, high quality, as our grandfathers and fathers taught us and as the blessed nature of Prespa imposes.

We are waiting for you in the beautiful Prespes National Park to enjoy the heavenly nature, the clean environment, the tranquility, the hospitality and the pure local products we produce.

Now we promote our famous beans on the internet through this website. You can choose from our pulses or from our Organic Prespa pulses and then order them and have them at home in the shortest time and at the best prices! Beans for gourmets and healthy food lovers. Contact us and place your order today!

On our website, among other things, you can find various information about the bean, photos, recipes and videos of the production process. If you find this page interesting send us a message of encouragement and let us know. Find out the ways to contact us!